Pattern and Core Making

Pattern Making

Our comprehensive in-house & subcontract pattern making facilities can:

  • Work from CAD Data, 2-dimensional drawings or samples
  • Produce new resin equipment
  • Re-plate tooling previously used by high-volume foundries
  • Routinely maintain customers pattern equipment

Our prototyping service means we can accelerate the time to market of your products. From receipt of CAD data, samples can be provided with a full-dimensional and material report in 2 - 3 weeks. If a 2D drawing or a sample are the only available forms of information, we can submit castings in 3 - 4 weeks along with any relevant documentation.

We have several methods of creating tooling for samples and are happy to advise on which would be best suited for you and your project. Using the latest in 3D printing techniques we can offer a RAPID prototyping service where we use 3D printed sand moulds. This method is ideal for getting parts cast quickly and efficiently. As no tooling is required, it means we can get parts cast in less than 2 weeks. It is also ideal for ‘1-off’ production runs. For more information, please contact our sales team.

Core Making

Our on-site core making facility complements the Pattern and Casting departments, enabling much faster turnaround times.

We utilise a new, state of the Laempe LL20 core blower in addition to our existing Omega and Loramendi core machines. These are further complemented by a gassing cabinet which can produce any core not covered by the automated production. This range of core-making machines allows us to be produce high-tolerance cold box cores at production rates using cost-effective resin core boxes.

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